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Manonthemoon©   the english's topic 100 16/07/05 à 19:16

on this topic, we MUST speak english, it's just a blabla, but in english Tire la langue

words you don't know had to be in (parentheses)

ok ?

first topic of discussion, have you understand my message ?

the english's topic 81/100 16/07/2005 à 17:38
ok Wink
the english's topic 82/100 16/07/2005 à 17:39
I'm waiting Sifflote

Tire la langue
the english's topic 83/100 16/07/2005 à 17:42
heu... I'M very well XD
(oh I speak english a little ! )
the english's topic 84/100 16/07/2005 à 17:42
ok u people are ignoring me.. i shall run back to my hole...
the english's topic 85/100 16/07/2005 à 17:42
The english's topic 79/82 PiKmin59 16/07 à 17:36
A new topic ? ? no ?
i listen the english music [ pop/rock ]...Gareth Gates,Busted,V,Alistair Griffin,Queen,Blue, you know ? Sifflote

i had already proposed Sifflote
english music ! do you want ?
the english's topic 86/100 16/07/2005 à 17:45
eurazn = no...i know that topic and subject is correct but I had asked Manonthemon just for a certification of its question ...just.. Wink
the english's topic 87/100 16/07/2005 à 17:46
orite orite fair enough =)
the english's topic 88/100 16/07/2005 à 17:47
mokay !!

I'm fond of english pop, red hot, the withe stripes ( (meme) if they are americans), blur !!, radiohead !!!, gorillaz, oasis, the weezer, the beattles, franz ferdinand (scotish) and a lot !!

I just know busted, queen (I love !) and blue in your bands (I don't like blue)
the english's topic 89/100 16/07/2005 à 17:50
hi everybody
what's the topic now?
I havn't read all the conversation in this topic, sorry but Im a little tired...
the english's topic 90/100 16/07/2005 à 17:55
Busted Mr. Green
Yeah !! the beatles are very gifted Smile
are you already been to uk ? [ for concert or other ]
the english's topic 91/100 16/07/2005 à 17:59
No i havent been to the Queenfucking united kingdom lol because I cant stand the british accent but i would like to go to Ireland (which is not in the United Kingdom, only the Ulster county is in the United Kingdom (of my redneck ass))
Sorry for speaking bad but the bad speaking way is generally the most honnest way of speaking
the english's topic 92/100 16/07/2005 à 18:01
i love the irish accent... so way beyond sweet
the english's topic 93/100 16/07/2005 à 18:03
Yea i Hear some Flogging Molly its funny, Irish folkpunk
the english's topic 94/100 16/07/2005 à 18:04
ok no idea about the music over there, i just like the accent.
the english's topic 95/100 16/07/2005 à 18:11
you think english and american (language) are really diferent, or just like betwen french and belgium ?
the english's topic 96/100 16/07/2005 à 18:18
english and american can be compared like french and quebecois.. or marseillais... juste different accent.. i mean.. that's my point of view
the english's topic 97/100 16/07/2005 à 18:24
euhh, I speak with a few quebecois, and we have a lot a lot of different words or expressions, it's uncredible !!
the english's topic 98/100 16/07/2005 à 18:26
expressions are always different depending on the country... between american and english's there are alotttt of different expression.. hmm i can't think of any rite now though.. teehee...
Anyfuck i'm gonna go sleep now.. so all o u have a nice day Smile Jap
Faire la biz
the english's topic 99/100 16/07/2005 à 18:40
ok, good night, take care !!

Faire la biz
the english's topic 100/100 16/07/2005 à 19:16
100e post, yeah drink for all Verre
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